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I spent five days last week cycling up the NE coast of England and into Scotland. Not as many miles as I'd intended, the tail end of hurricane Katia made the riding exciting and the camping interesting! Well at least it gave me plenty of excuses to get off and take a few photos. It was all good, as it always is when I just get on the bike and go. But the highlights of the trip were a day on Lindisfarne (Also known as Holy Island), which is accessible by causeway only when the tide is out and St Abbs in Scotland, an unexpected pleasure, simply stunning.
Full moon

Typical deserted Northumberland beach

Banborough Castle

Lindisfarne Causway

Holy Island Churchyard
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Lindisfarne Castle


One of the Berwick bridges

St Abbs head

The women and children of St Abbs waiting for the shipwrecked fishermen who will never return

Sunset over the Dunbar cement works, there's beauty in industry as well!

There's a few more on my Flickr and I may add to them over the next few days as I continue to sort them. Thanks for looking.

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you should be able to figure it out...
Lovely set. Yeah, its always good to get on the bike and just go. I haven't done any real bike touring in the last couple of years and haven't done any self-supported tent touring in longer than that. The whole pitching a tent at the end of a long day of riding doesn't appeal to me anymore - I'm clearly getting soft. So nice to tag along for your tour via photo - thanks for that!

LX5 is a great camera for a trip like that. Beautiful country too!



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P.H. thank you so much for adding these here - and taking us along for some of your tour. I am not going to lie, I would never make it bicycling all over but I would absolutely love to visit and walk these areas...and maybe peddle a bit where it's flat.:wink:

Such a gorgeous area - and please do add more or give us a direct link to your set on Flickr. There's something about that open stretch of beach with the dunes that really pulls at my heartstrings...and then to see that one of the sculptures of the wives and children who waited for naught. As Mayank said, Lindisfarne Causway is an extra special view and my favorite, as well.


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great shots

yours sounds a little "energetic" for me (plus my good lady)

we were in Vichy - "taking the waters" - well a "semi-dry run" for a proper visit next year
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