Nikon D600 in 2020?

William Lewis

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William Lewis
I've been pondering starting to save towards adding a full frame Nikon DSLR to my ensemble. So I started looking at lower end ones. These prices are all a KEH but seem representative:
D750 - $1000
D610 - $750
D600 - $500

Now $500 is significantly easier to save for in a world of surprise bills and expenses. OTOH, it's a rather infamous model. The question is how relevant is that now compared to then? Nikon will no longer do free repairs but how likely is it that there would actually still be a problem with a fairly used body now? Was it something that really had to be repaired by a technician or can my wet cleaning kit do the job too?

Other than the potential issue, it seems like it would be a good fit for me as it's essentially a D7100 like I have but with a larger version of the same sensor.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Thanks!

Jonathan F/2

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I'd look elsewhere for a camera body, KEH prices are quite high. I'd look at buying used from either Used Photo Pro or MPB, which have decent and fairly accurate descriptions and actual gear photos (KEH just uses a representation image).

Saying that, the D750 is the way to go. It fixes all the weaknesses of the 600/610 bodies and has the AF group focus option (4 AF points in unison) which makes a big difference in focus tracking and action. It even makes single shot AF more accurate for bigger targets. Early D750 bodies had shutter issues, but last I checked they can still be fixed by Nikon under worldwide recall:

The D750 also has wifi and you can actually transfer raw files wireless. It's slow, but Sony doesn't even do that with their latest cameras! I'm still shooting with my D750 and haven't really felt the need to upgrade. It's a solid workhorse!

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