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@BBW see ^^ what I mean? lol

I was going to do it on metal (brushed aluminum) but I thought it might be better on some type of "fine art" paper or even water colour paper...then the other thought crept in, "do I do it on traditional photo paper or even a metallic paper or just go with a Giclee and that bought me back to fine art :p ...but i'll most likely go Giclee on smooth water-colour paper.

Thanks guys, comments and likes very much appreciated


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Ah, now I see! I guess I'm a purist.:blush: Hadn't even thought about all those options. I'd go glossy on regular good photo paper - as Luke that you've already made your choice, which I'm sure will look great. Wish we could see it in real life!

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Make a regular print on real photo paper -- glossy or matte doesn't matter -- just to have a print. Than you can revisit the other options. The warm tone is beautiful, so color paper matching it or a warm tone b&w paper would be required to do it justice.

It's a very beautiful, moving portrait. literally bringing tears to my eyes for its gentle and respectful treatment of a full life. It speaks volumes, but speaks them softly with compassion and assurance.


Peter Chin

To end this thread, i had the image done on brushed aluminum, in person it's great but i hadn't planned on my parents being "superstitious"!!!! B&W to them signifies a death :p
this will not be hung, i actually put it in the closet LOL :whoo:

anyhow this is the final product, there are a few huge windows off to the right so shooting off tripod, i didn't capture the details properly ...but it came out quite nice for those thinking of using brushed aluminium as a medium, which i've done many in colour for my sports shooting of young local athletes which i have no records off *long story* ask me about it in person someday :drinks:

*the holes in the corner is how i chose to mount it to the wall...with metal pegs.

thanks again for all the opinions/suggestions.

16x20 brushed metal from

Peter Chin

My dad today, he's going to be 85 in July...this is his more "alert" image :) It's going to be framed similar, with white matte instead, this will be in the family room, he didn't like the BW :p so i took it down and filled the holes.

Taken with the broken X 100 still going strong, when it fails only then will i get it refurbed ...i really enjoy using this body.


Peter Chin

Thanks BBW, my mom took him to the casino with his birthday monies from us, the kids...that's how he enjoyed his birthday by losing it all :rolleyes:

on that note my X100 is "soft" maybe it's time to unbox the "s" *lol*

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