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April's over, time to bring out more lenses.
DSC03472_ILCE-6400_1_1600_4.0_1600_200.0 mm_FE 70-200mm F4 G OSS.jpg


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I can't promise this will happen on a regular basis, but this image presented itself just outside my cottage earlier this morning as the rain cleared and the sun broke through the clouds.


An Ash tree breaks into leaf (21mm Voigtlander Color-Skopar)

Converted to monochrome from an in camera jpeg using mono mixer in GIMP, Red +92%, Green +33%, Blue -25%

Day 01. I jumped bail and dropped off a couple of Amazon returns. Then, since I was already violating my parole, I walked a couple miles more just for good measure!!
I wore a mask. But sadly only about 30% of those I saw were wearing masks.

The paths were actually busy. I had to wait to get this shot of a lonely bench near the Monument Valley hiking trail between downtown and the Colorado College campus. I was one of 4 people I saw on the trail with masks.


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Okay. Why not? I'm in....but my schedule for this 'Merrye Monthe of Maye' may be a bit hectic because of my ongoing writing projects, so it may be a challenge for me. Also, just for a change (variety is the spice of life n'est-ce pas?) I am am temporarily abandoning the Pen F, with its cool 15mm PanaLeica glass, and switching to a slightly wider FOV - the 28mm lens of my semi-ancient Ricoh GRDiii. (Although I am reserving the option to switch to the 28mm lens of another Ricoh that is coming my way, but at least I will stay consistent with the 28mm field-of-view.)

My writing office is cluttered with books, scripts, more books and quite a few smallish toys and action figures. These two tiny ancient Japanese Godzillas are squirreled away in front of a stack of ancient scripts (back from the long-forgotten analog days when pages were printed and not PDF'ed).


And somehow Godzilla, a mutated monster spawned from nuclear waste, seems a good way to start May - so as not to forget that we human bipeds have a way of complicating our own lives.
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