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Dec 29, 2013
Can I just sort of sneak in here after the first third of the month is over? I wanted a break after the April challenge, but looking over all your awesome work has me wanting to get back into a daily practice, at least for a while. I submit this one as my offering to please the council... We went and looked at a house this evening, a fixer-upper which is probably too ambitious of an idea ...

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Not that I belong to the powers that be, but it's great to see you here! Matt @MoonMind please don't be too hard on him :D
I'm fine with that - keeping things going is the thing, and someone getting onto the bandwagon helps the cause :thumbsup:



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Aug 27, 2013
Talent, Oregon (far from the madding crowd)
Miguel Tejada-Flores
The backdrop photograph is by the American photographer Joel Peter Witkin. The photograph is called Un Santo Oscuro. He’s one of the most controversial artists of his time due to the subjects and ‘props’ he has used to create his art. I understand he‘s never worked from a computer - always film. The man in the picture was a thalidomide victim born without skin, without arms, without legs, without hair, without eye lashes. His face is like a mask.
Thank you, Karen.

I remember hearing - and reading - about Joel-Peter Witkin, a lifetime or two ago. I remember, now, too, that his twin brother is a figurative painter.

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