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Now that again half a month is over it's high time for a big thank you. This daily contest has given my photographic work a new boost. I love what comes in from all those who post - really excellent shots. And very often I just sit in front of my screen with eyes and mouth open, overwhelmed by the beauty I see and rofl at the same time by the humour displayed by some of the crowd.
This daily working with a fixed set (camera and lens) has deepened my understanding and set free a new way of approaching photography. Taking photos has become as important to me as playing the guitar.
Thanks a lot, Matt ... and all you who contribute.
And here's to you (from Walter's "Corona-Home-Office-Recording-Sessions"):
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This image follows on from yesterdays and reveals the source of the "shadow" image I posted then. The shadow was formed by the brass clamping screw in my home made tripod collar that I use for a Kern Paillard C mount Yvar 150mm f/4 lens and extension tubes gifted to me by Adrian Davies who began my conversion from a lapsed film photographer to a digital photographer in 2001. With the extension tubes fitted for use as a macro lens there's no vignetting problem as would be suffered by a straight mounting of the lens on the camera. It's not the easiest lens to use but for some slower contemplative work it's a very nice piece of engineering to use.


with a Micro-NIKKOR 55mm f/2.8 lens mounted via a Metabones Speed Booster XL 0.64



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A bit of explanation is needed for this one. This image isn't any sort of composite. It was a reflection in the glass window in the the door of the prep room. In addition, the ladder is a reflection in the hood shield. The painting was across the corridor, behind me and off to the side when I was taking the shot. I happened to spot this coming back to my office. I mostly played with clarity and contrast to pull out the details of the painting, which was a reflection. Of course, playing with a weird image in post in half the fun. The softness of the painting and the clarity of the glassware was just there in the image. One reason I so like these challenges is that I get into a mode where I am far more alert to what my eyes are actually seeing. BTW, the reason that painting is on the wall of a chemistry department is that my colleague does cultural heritage analysis and restoration science and his office is covered with prints and a few paintings.



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The sun is out today in southern Oregon and some businesses are opening again as the Governor has authorized a partial relaxation of the shelter-at-home edict. A local Beer & Burgers joint has its doors open but, more interesting to me, they have raised the tiny red-white-and-blue car high on its supporting pole - as an indicator of what they hope may be Good Times. Personally, with the infection rate still holding steady and continuing to increase, I'm not ready to go and rub shoulders in proximity with my fellow primates, no matter how enticing their selection of draft beers may seem - but the newly-raised automotive-equivalent-of-a-flag deserved a shot--


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