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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
Yesterday's fret blank has had the fret slots cut on the table saw, and is now being fitted to the neck blank. It's a lot easier to center the neck and fretboard together before everything is cut and tapered. I'll drill holes for centering pins before separating the fretboard from the neck blank, and those pins will ensure proper alignment when the two pieces are finally glued together.

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Shameless test shot. I was mucking about with the Pentax-M 2.8/40 and I decided to try out a Minolta Close-up Lens No. 1 to get closer than 0.6m. The 2.8/40 by itself offers a lackluster 0.08 max. magnification ratio, with the close-up lens I got to about 0.16 which isn't horrible anymore. Pleasantly surprised with the image quality and the bokeh. This shot was at f/4.

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Aug 27, 2013
Talent, Oregon (far from the madding crowd)
Miguel Tejada-Flores
Even with the partial reopening of some businesses in Oregon, it's still not 'business-as-usual'.
The parking lot of a local supermarket-slash-shopping-mall is still very empty.
The majority of vehicles parked were newer sedans and SUV's.
This ancient flatbed truck stood out from the crowd.

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Taken with the Positive Film in-camera setting of the GRII.

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