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A sweet way of illustrating Pythagorean triples ... And you actually get twice 25 when proving it this way :D



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As I have mentioned before, my predecessor left me his large collection of technical books. My books came from a later era of smoother, more colorful covers. I didn't go B&W because there are subtle colors to these covers that, in my mind, are part of their personalities. Just for the record, the horizontal book is mine and the fat Handbook of Chemistry and Physics (the infamous CRC) belonged to a geologist one floor below. When he retired, he left a pile of books outside his office for the taking, and I just couldn't let this old book of data be tossed into the dumpster.
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Following up on yesterday. Not there yet, not the most perfect umbrella, an orange is standing in as a background, light not controlled well enough; but headed the right way I think. Stores were supposed to be closed today - it used to be a major national holiday.

I had to search for a dandelion! Only after getting it home did I realize the scale of the umbrella. I was thinking WAY to big! These things are really tiny!


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