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Temperatures are climbing up into the high 80's today (Fahrenheit) in southern Oregon and it's expected to get even hotter over the next few days. After a long (3-day) holiday weekend (for 'Memorial Day') with mail not being delivered, today is a regular mail service day...but so far, my local post-person has not stopped at my mailbox yet---


I wonder: could something be scaring him or her away?
Went for a walk today. Turned it into one of my sequence walks. Capture the digits in sequence in camera. I allowed myself cropping for this one, and a zoom lens. But still helps me look at the same old things differently in the same old neighborhood, in the same old city, one the same old planet.... Here is 0-9 from today's walk.


I should add that these were, obviously, inspired by @Hanneke in last July's Single in July challenge. Thank you @Hanneke!!!
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