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In the mid of the second largest town in Finland, (almost ) wild park area. Now protected against property development but plans already exist to tear down and build this short coast line.



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Is it one of the Paperblanks journals? I have a couple and love their design.
It's just a A5 booklet with thread binding and a silky cloth-like cardboard cover and back.
Due to these refinements you have to pay in between 16 and 21 € .
You can lock it at the side so it keeps shut and inside are just empty pages with lines.
I'm using this for some creative writing and hope the "feel" of it gets me into the right spirit to meet the muses.


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Some time ago I did 4x5 for awhile. I enjoyed it tremendously but after moving away from Madison to the Wild North Country I stopped. Darkroom work is difficult at best and printing essentially impossible in my trailer. But I had this really nice field camera I'd built on the shell of a Crown Graphic - full front movements, cleaned up, pulled the shattered rangefinder, etc. So I hacked up a film holder with a m4/3 to Nikon F adaptor that I put at the center of the film back. Unfortunately, I have sold all my functional m4/3 gear - the one attached to my hackery has a busted back screen - so I have to pick up another cheap E-PL1 or the like to use it again.

The lens is a Bauch & Lomb licensed Tessar from 1912 - 1914 F/6.3 and just beautiful. I have it rigged to a Polaroid MP-4 shutter. But talk about crop sensors! That's a 5x8 coverage lens (~ 240mm focal length) onto a m4/3 sensor :rofl: I also have a nice "wide angle" Ektar 127 I use with it.


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