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Happy Cinco de Mayo y'all!!! No big plans for me, but I got out to try the last pair of shoes - they were not as good as yesterday's 2 sets. I got a couple of images that I kinda liked. This is the one I have selected. Minimalism always draws my eye and heart. I got a LOT of curious stares as I was moving about to get this in camera, but no questions.

The Edith Kinney Gaylord Cornerstone Arts Center of Colorado College (from behind)
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Heck yeah! Especially selfies like that! Glad you are able to get out and about a little in L.A. - but please be careful, and thank you for using masks. As an elder citizen, I appreciate it a LOT.

Living in LA, I've had to raise my kids with a sense of urban survival and now with the pandemic, we also adhere to rules of protocol and disinfection. We rode mostly in the residential areas and we presume everyone is infected and avoid them, even if they look healthy.

The masks are a two way streak, they work when everyone wears them. Plus it's easier to just keep them on when out and about instead of fiddling with them. Also I don't get the fuss wearing them, I'd rather be saving lives than possibly getting others sick.
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I love all the images, but ...

I chastised @mike3996 a day or two back for posting more than one image a day, he agreed to let me move one, and I did - nevertheless, now we're not at two, but at four, and not once, but several times ... What can I do? Or rather: What should I do?

I have to leave it to you to just do what you want. Maybe I shouldn't have set *any* restrictions. But this thread sits in the "Photo Challenges" sub-forum. Maybe you might want to honour that?


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