Sony Darktable 3.8.1 released, support for A7 IV and some Tamrons


Gotta ask....Is this Darktable considered a 'good' editor?
I'm a SOOC shooter for the most part and have only ever used editors that came on my computers when new. I currently use PhotoDirector for Acer as that is what came on my latest computer. It doesn't 'do' all the things the big money programs do but has sufficed for me so far.
Does this Darktable require files be sent to a 'cloud' location or is everything kept on my drive, under my control?
From what I've read of the instructions, it sounds like it does stay on my drive.


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Darktable is an excellent RAW editor. Almost everything you've ever seen me post has been through Darktable. Everything is done on your computer, folders stay where you put them. Be advised, there's a learning curve.

It is as powerful as Lightroom, very well supported and is totally free open-sourced software. They used to have one new version every year at Christmas but lately have been doing a second one in the summer. I think it's because the programmers are stuck home due to COVID.

Learning curve is a bit steep but once you learn it, you'll process most photos in about 5 clicks. There are TONS of tutorials on the net, one of the very best is Bruce Williams on You Tube. He still has a lot of videos up from previous versions so if you're looking for info on a specific module, make sure you're on the latest and greatest. He puts the version in the title of each video. I need to catch up with some of this, the last time I watched him in detail was V 3.6.

He is currently posting videos for version 3.8, he has a two-part newbie one recently posted. Part 1 is about the 'Lightable' portion, more about importing files, exporting, etc. Part 2 is more about processing in the Darkroom', that's the one to watch for an introduction.

It will likely look intimidating, just remember if I can sort it out, anyone can! Keep in mind you A) will probably never use all of the modules, and there are many ways to accomplish most tasks. Don't let it overwhelm you, start small.

Bruce Williams Darktable Tutorials

Click the appropriate link for Windows or MAC, Linux and other info is there as well.

Darktable 3.8.1

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