Fuji Darn Raw files and Tripod mount


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Wow this has been the only pet pee for me so far with fuji well not only that but why in tarnation did they place the tripod mount so close to the battery and sd card slot. I had to do away with my tripod holder and go to a slik ball mount instead.
Anyways i got fed up with lightroom making it difficulty and constantly upgrading at our expense so after trading in my gear for the fuji X mount XM1 and the only drawback is no view finder ( dang).
The reason for the big switch from sony slt a65 was size. I needed something i could use on the job and frankly i was more then ready to switch. As far as software goes i went with paintshop pro 6 by corel. I have made so many changes resently but it had to come about sooner then later. I beleive the over all detail from fuji will show a better photo the sony in the long run

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