Day 26 - Silver September 2013


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Foggy morning web with the dew on it.



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I haven't posted since the 14th so I am going to post a few chunks these last days and hopefully no one will mind. I just don't see anyone going back that far to look and the whole point is in sharing. My mini bug series..

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Had a really beautiful little hummingbird moth fluttering around the hosta's but by the time I got out with my camera it took off. Not that I'd catch it anyway but I was hopeful :)


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There's a story behind this one of a railroad crossing - or underneath it, to be more exact.

Railroad Crossing, Henry, IL, Photo #3 by rubyj29, on Flickr
run through Topaz Adjust Photo Pop and Topaz Restyle Strong Black and White Contrasts.
Earlier this month, at least two people posted links to the free issue of the online magazine, The Inspired Eye. I downloaded it, wasn't too impressed, but liked the style of one of the contributors and subscribed to his newsletter. I sent him an e-mail last week suggesting a blog post ("dealing with bad light"), expecting an automated reply boiling down to "Thank you for your interest. Your suggestions are important to me. Don't hold your breath." Instead he e-mailed me back to ask me a bit more about what I was interested in and wrote the article before dark, dedicating it to me! (Oops. I just blew my secret identity.) So I'm looking for chances now to try his suggestions, and I'm pretty pleased with the above photo, both that I tried for a shot that I ordinarily would have dismissed as "too much contrast," and for the magic the post-processing revealed in the file.
AND, after all that and a month of Silver September, I went back to my free copy of The Inspired Eye, and I really like it now. I don't think I've ever grown that much in that little time before when I wasn't in school. A big thanks to all of you who've shared your work and offered me encouragement this month!

Railroad Crossing, Henry, IL, Photo #3 by rubyj29, on Flickr

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