Day 29 - Silver September 2013


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Before the storm.


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Shot on the first day of the challenge and it was the one I intended to go out for on that day. NO idea why I decided not to process it then.


Coal Eater by kyte50, on Flickr

There are a couple of dozen of these monsters on Kooragang Island. The island used to have large open fields with coal loaders on its other side. I used to fly my kites here. Once the BHP Steelworks closed, many of us imagined that our air would become cleaner. It didnt. The coal now lies in huge mountains all over Kooragang, and they dont always water it to keep the dust down. My lungs, not in the best condition, hate going anywhere near this, but to go further up the coast to Nelson Bay, its unavoidable without having to take a 60 minute detour.

Its not at all surprising that Newcastle is the asthma and COPD capital of Australia.

Sorry they're a health problem, but that's a wonderful photo. Like something out of a science fiction film about mining on an asteroid!

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