DAY 29 : The Most Magnificent Serious Compact Photo Challenge


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Here is mine for today. No. 29 - Bananas. Couldn't finds anyone interested in posing while eating a banana. So I added an apple ;-)


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I shot this one at the state fair a few weeks back. I saw this guy wearing a t-shirt and couldn't believe what it said. I laughed out loud. I feel like the target buying market for this shirt is college kids who binge drink, but if the shirt fits...... Anyways, I said to my brother, "watch this..... I'm gonna leave my camera here around my belly and I'm gonna shoot blind. He didn't understand until I showed him the photo and explained that the shirt said "I don't get DRUNK, I get AWESOME" (of course, I failed to get a great shot, but I did get enough of it......and I may just get all of the prompts, too)

DSCF4118 by Lukinosity, on Flickr


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Thanks! BBW, It was taken with the RX100 set on top of a coin operated telescope. I had a small tripod with me, but there were too many people about to get a clear spot to set up.

All is forgiven, Don - especially with an image like that.:friends: Pretty darn spectacular!

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