DAY 30 : The Most Magnificent Serious Compact Photo Challenge


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May 13, 2013
Only one to go. This is my interpretation of #30 - A Touch of Class.
Through the gates you see the back of the "house" where our former Queen, now Princess, Beatrix lives. She stands for class because of the way she dealt with all the things she has been through.
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Aug 13, 2011
Sunny Frimley
Bill Palmer

Steve Noel

Oct 5, 2010
Casey County, KY

I must confess, I have failed in one of the prompts. And I'm not saying which one. A good detective will "get it".
So, I substitute this one taken a few minutes ago. :redface:

Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
I was watching the sun set over the river, I enjoyed a nice chilled cocktail, and some perfectly prepared peel & eat shrimp. I was living the good life (or was it a touch of class) on that day.....

DSCF4191 by Lukinosity, on Flickr

Now I just need to figure which prompt I haven't posted and see if I can project that prompt onto one of my shots from the month!

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