DAY EIGHT - Silver September 2013


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Petroglyphs. I'm not sure if I was viewing them the right way up or not. There are quite a few along this stretch of beach where I often walk. Most seem to be of fish or whales. I don't know if they were carved as art or signs.
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Garry, I would print that one big on some uberglossy paper. Buster is a superstar!

Bethany, I love that shot.....I especially like how I am totally unaware of the scale. It could be macro or it could be shot from outer space.


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We were in Springfield Saturday and Sunday morning. My husband went to a beer festival, and I knocked about town. I decided it was high time to work up to mastering exposure control on my compact and my DSLR, a process made more difficult because I only have the PDF versions of either manual and some crucial symbols didn't make the transition. However, I got the compact set to spot meter and bracket by one stop, while waiting for the city bus to take me to an honest-to-God camera store that explained exposure control on the Nikon D40 to me. While waiting for the bus, and to check that the camera was actually bracketing, I tossed off a few "throwaway" shots of this church across the street. If it weren't for Silver September, I would have deleted every one of them. I don't even like this style of architecture. Now I wish I'd spent the time to get some light between those arches that hold up the cross!


Church Spire Across from Bus Stop by rubyj29, on Flickr

Here's the original of the photo I used for the steeple. I ran it through Topaz Restyle, layered it over the shot with two stops less exposure, also run through Restyle, and erased the lighter clouds to show the detail in the darker clouds.


Church Spire Across from Bus Stop, Overexposed by rubyj29, on Flickr


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new constellation?

7:30 yesterday evening, I'm walking to my car, look up, and see that spider had built a web between a shrub and my house. With the insect remnants and other debris caught in its web, I immediately thought, "hey, that looks like a constellation". I took several pics... I think there is something there, I just have to figure out how to draw it out from the raw photos.

It's like something from the old TV show The Outer Limits

I thought the same thing as soon as I did the B&W conversion! :biggrin:

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