DAY NINE - Silver September 2013


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Canoe Race! (EOS-M)

(This is the point in this race where the canoers have to all switch places before the 2nd leg).



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Decided to use iphone shot from yesterday evening today.I wanted to show the statue as a shadow because I found that more interesting. The Dutch will probably still recognize who this is (Queen Wilhelmina when she inspected the troops in 1940), but it adds some mystery to the picture. BTW: the colors of the sky were more interesting, so I like to color version a bit better. To me, the BW version is a bit gloomy (which might be appropriate because the statue is linked to dark times). The other one shows a tad grandeur and determination, which is applicable as well in her case. I may see things that are not there, of course. ;-) Anyway, I've added both for comparison purposes and for drawing your own conclusions.


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