DAY NINE - Silver September 2013


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It's been a long, hot day with some bumps in it. The Dimage Z3 focusing motor seems to have gone out, leaving me pessimistic about the future of my purse . For today, one from Friday. I was tickled to see a quote from Sandburg hanging on the wall of Union Station, courtesy National Railway Historic Society, tucked behind a trashcan that was handy to steady myself against while shooting it with my Motorola MB865 cellphone. I don't know how serious it is, but it's sure compact! Processed with Snapseed.
And, after a lifetime of trying to avoid this sort of thing, I've decided I LIKE wonky perspective!


"Chicago" by rubyj29, on Flickr


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My Day 9 entry is special for me - my first ever granddaughter (Opal Eden Tejada-Ingram) was born on Sept 9. Here she is with her mother, Lina -


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