DAY SEVEN - Silver September 2013


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I like that a lot Hanneke

Those Dinghys have a nice shape I think you could explore those more & get some nice images from them


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day 7

Empty Racks at the local REI



I got nearly 300' of film today, so I can roll short rolls and develop daily. Weirdly, my Day6 entry is on another roll that now won't get finished for another week or so. Does anybody care about any of this? hmm ...

anyway, I rarely explain my snaps, but this one is of a newly built set of "retirement apartments", as yet unoccupied, and which a friend of mine suggested looks like a mausoleum. And she's dead right ...


b20130907-1-2 by _loupe, on Flickr



This could seriously tempt me away from my nikon 1's

I have to say, I'm a pixel peeper and not easily impressed...but this thing impresses me.

In good light today I took an image of her and I cut my eye on the sharpness...she was freaking glowing...a f/2....I couldn't believe it...the picture sucked or I'd have posted it but I actually said out loud when I brought it into lightroom..."holy crap"


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Scrambling to stay on course! My husband was at the Springfield, IL Oyster and Beer Fest (Oysters and beer in a landlocked town? Don't ask!) and I just wandered around. This is a medium view of one of pair of statue in front of the Illinois Supreme Court building. I'm still trying to learn to SEE, darn it! I was paying attention to the seated figure in this statue and not to the one behind her, and it shows!
Does anyone happen to know what the pair of statues represent? It's being renovated and I was blocked off by a chain link fence, and it didn't turn up in a quick Google search. I'll dig deeper soon.


Statue with Pen by rubyj29, on Flickr

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