Challenge! Day to Day 100


Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
I was heading over to the Art/Music Building (Wilson Hall) last week with intentions other than documenting insects in flagrante delicto. As I have mentioned, I am teaching General Chemistry in the concert hall because the class is large and this is the only room big enough to accommodate the required social distancing. You will have noticed that the some of my daily photos from the last two weeks are of the Art Dept. The building is four stories with a single long corridor on each. For picture-hunting reasons, I wandered to the far end of the building and had to use the enclosed stairwell to change floors. I had stumbled upon a not-so-hidden treasure. The Art Dept. appears to allow the students to graffiti that stairwell. I don't know the exact rules of engagement, but this is clearly not a random act as the collection of work is quite large. I love graffiti and this kind of public expression so this was like a gold mine. I have been investigating the stairwell for about a week and taking test shots. I have deciding that I will treat this as a personal project and post the results in the Day-to-Day threads. I am posting this on the first day so I don't have to explain it every day. BTW, I obtained the permission of the Art Dept. This is private property, after all.

My reaction to the Stairwell:

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