Challenge! Day to Day 103


Sep 13, 2016

Sorry, guys, just being honest ... :rolleyes:

Great song from their most experimental album. And if you ever wondered how George played his fabulous solo on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" ... it was Eric Clapton as a guest musician. But due to Eric's contracts they couldn't put his real name there. During these recordings George and Eric fell in love with the same woman. George married her, and Eric wrote another of his best songs: "Have You Ever Loved A Woman (so much you were trembling with pain)" which is on his Album Layla. One of his best Blues, duelling in the solos with Duane Allman from the Allman Brothers Band. Old memories ... :cloud-9-039:


Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
Someone who's consumed too much expressionism and dadaism? This is a crossover between Munch and Morgenstern ("The Scream" and "The Gallow Songs") if I'm any judge ...

I knew you folks would be of help. The Gallow Songs is new to me. This stairwell is such a hodgepodge of different images and thoughts of many different students.

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