Challenge! Day to Day 126

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Oct 4, 2020
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Oct 4, 2020
Developing an idea provided by Steve (@drd1135) about "magic numbers" in nuclear physics and their implication for chemistry, more precisely the periodic table:

In short, should element 126 be made, it is expected to be much more stable than most other (and earlier, i.e. lighter) artificial elements.

More on "islands of stability" here:

(I also linked to another topical video from the series on day 119.)

From a chemistry standpoint, element 126 is also predicted to be the first element ever to employ g shell electrons (at least that's how I understood what little I could digest from a seminal paper on the topic provided by Steve ... apologies if I butchered this, but it was a paper for scientists familiar with the topic, not for rank amateurs like me ...); for everyone courageous enough, here's a link to the paper.



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A flat, vertical grain Spruce brace is added across the guitar's upper bought to increase stiffness in the area where the fretboard extension will be attached.



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I have a moderately newish Vespa scooter which I ride around most of the year. When riding on a scooter, sometimes, one feels like one is in the very center of a strangely curved universe....metaphorically speaking. I don't have a clue how to convey that feeling, visually - but this morning, I decided to try my fixed f/8 Olympus bodycap fisheye give an admittedly distorted interpretation of it---


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