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A level is used as a clamping caul to ensure the fretboard is flat as it is glued to the neck. The clamps will be left on a full 24 hours to give the glue time to completely cure.



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Dominion Energy has been doing some tree work around the power lines that goes down my road. I saw this piece of scrap wood lying by the side or the road with the other detritus. The top was clearly the result of two have cuts that missed and I suspect the clean cut on the bottom was them just removing this dangerous "splinter" on the top of the stump. I stopped to look at it and the sun suddenly popped out. I took a shot and also took the piece of wood. I'll try to find a place in my yard to display this. If not, I'll give it to Tony and he can make a really big sitar out of it.
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Playfulness? Insolence? Despondency?

(This is most certainly material for students whose mothertongue is *not* (Swiss) German. It's also a paper plane. On a footpath. Probably on the way home from school ...)


This really a brilliant photograph, Matt.
Really. And seriously.
I love it.

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