Challenge! Day to Day 22

Central Florida
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Timothy Williams
Managed to make it out this morning and was rewarded with a Scrub Jay.


Zen Snapshooter
Lexington, VA
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While walking, I came across a doe and two fawns. I kept expecting them to bolt, but they were in the middle of the road and, deer-like, didn't know what to do. The mother jumped the wire fence but the fawns couldn't. One stood at the fence before running down the road and other ran back across the road to the woods. I felt bad to have caused this disruption but, as they were in the middle of the road, they had to go one way or the other fairly soon.

Jonathan F/2

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Los Angeles, USA
We've been walking as a family like crazy now. Mainly to get the kids outside, get fresh air and get a proper dose of vitamin D! We used to walk at the mall, but now we spend the time to walk throughout Los Angeles, finding little hiking spots around the city. Interestingly enough there are small hiking paths right in residential areas here in LA, completely hidden!

On a side note, I recently picked up a hydration backpack and it's pretty awesome. I can carry a large amount of water and a few small items (like a pocket camera) without ever having to take my backpack off. It doesn't even feel like I'm carry a bag!


Hiking Mt. Washington - Los Angeles, California USA - during the 2020 Global Covid-19 Pandemic.
by Jonathan Friolo, on Flickr
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