Challenge! Day to Day 223

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Jan 9, 2021
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Jan 9, 2021
A little math trivia for starters: 223 is prime, but lives in a so-called "sea" of composite numbers: The next smaller prime is 211 (an impressive twelve units smaller), the next bigger prime is 227. 223 is special in that it is the smallest prime that lives within such a vast sea of non-primes, as an "island prime", so to speak; furthermore, the width of the gap (the "sea") itself is of the nature 2^x (x being 3 in this case), which is also pretty rare. Of course, the bigger primes get, the more likely it is that they are farther apart, so this gets trivial as a property pretty quickly. Oh, well ...

However ...

On this date in 1839, something much more significant for our shared passion happened: L'Académie Française des Sciences (French Academie of Sciences) announced and acknowledged the first photographic process, "la Daguerrotypie" (the daguerrotype) - photography was officially born!

I think we ought to celebrate ...



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Daguerrotypes are expensive to collect
so here is the cheap version Ambrotype(1860-1880) I was able to afford
In case you take a close look you will notice that some images got hand-coloured then
pict 359.jpg
pict 360.jpg
pict 362.jpg
pict 363.jpg
pict 364.jpg
pict 369.jpg


Scott Depot, WV, USA
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Major setback. I was really dissatisfied with the first fret job on my 23" scale 6-string, so I decided to redo the job. Careful as I was, I still ended with several chipped places that had to be repaired. Worst was the copper alloy "EVO gold" frets I chose as replacements. Even after carefully cleaning the fret slots, the EVO frets just would not seat evenly in the slots. Examining the fretboard under magnification, it just didn't meet my level of acceptable craftsmanship, so I decided to remove it and start over completely.

If there's any consolation to this disaster, it's that the glue I used (Titebond) didn't seem to bond properly at all. A hot putty knife slid through the joint easily, and the fretboard popped right off without any damage to the neck. I was able to easily scrape the glue residue from the neck with a razor blade.

Now for the replacement. My original fretboard blank and neck blank were perfectly indexed together before any tapering was done using locator pins. It will be near impossible to center a new fretboard as well as the original. Sigh. I'm done in the shop for the day. I need to think this through.



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Miguel Tejada-Flores
Riding my bicycle 'downtown' - where the remnants of the disastrous fire - which burned large swaths of the small Oregon town where I live, several months ago - are still visible. And I don't know why or what it is - but there is something about witnessing a disaster - and its aftermath - that brings me back to the scene, again and again.

Today, this section of pipe caught my eye, standing out against the largely gray and white sea of ashes and burned remnants where it lies.


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