Challenge! Day to Day 256

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Feb 11, 2021
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Feb 11, 2021
Today, we have a very "mathematical" number, so, here are a couple of ways of writing it:

2^8 - trivial and sober, though that also makes it
10000000 - in binary.

Way back when (in the 16th century), when mathematical notation was still young and approximative, there was a proposal to invent ways of expressing it with words instead of symbols, and hence, born was "zenzic", taken over from a Germanisation of Italian "censo" (actually meaning "squared") as an expression for, well, the square of a number. So, "zenzizenzic" was "the square of a square" (or "to the power of 4"), "zenzizenzizenzic" as "the square of a squared square" meant "to the 8th power".

Well ... so:

(2^2)^2)^2 = zenzizenzizenzic of 2 = 256 - the only three-digit result of such an expression.

Neat, even linguistically :)

Oh, and wait ... Why not use such a wonderfully useless fact for some random piece of art?

(The 16-backbeat is really, really pervasive ...)



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A close friend of mine also happens to be a fine folk and bluegrass guitarist; some years ago, he and some friends started playing Grateful Dead songs with either folk or bluegrass stylings. They gigged around for awhile, and even gave their band a rather cool name; at one point, they printed up a chunk of cardboard coasters, to put your beer stein on, while listening to their music. And wouldn't you know... I still have a few lying around in odd places---


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