Challenge! Day to Day 259

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Feb 14, 2021
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Feb 14, 2021
In 842, on this date (in the Julian calendar, obviously), two grandsons of Charlemagne swore an oath, remarkably each one in his *brother's* people's language, Old High German and Old French, respectively, so that their retinue would understand what was said. It was a mutual promise of support against their third brother Lothair, of all people, that finally led to the annihilation and partition of said brother's kingdom - which in turn originated the rivalry between France and Germany through the ages that only ended well after the Second World War.

Louis the German swore:
Pro Deo amur et pro christian poblo et nostro commun salvament, d'ist di en avant, in quant Deus savir et podir me dunat, si salvarai eo cist meon fradre Karlo, et in adiudha et in cadhuna cosa, si cum om per dreit son fradra salvar dift, in o quid il mi altresi fazet, et ab Ludher nul plaid numquam prindrai qui meon vol cist meon fradre Karle in damno sit.

Charles the Bald swore:
In godes minna ind in thes christanes folches ind unser bedhero gehaltnissi fon thesemo dage frammordes so fram so mir got geuuizci indi mahd furgibit so haldih thesan minan bruodher soso man mit rehtu sinan bruodher scal in thiu thaz er mig so sama duo indi mit ludheren in nohheiniu thing ne gegango the minan uillon imo ce scadhen uuerdhen.

Quite a consequential cabal, this ...

For the less historically inclined: 6^3+6^2+6^1+6^0 = 259 (yeah, neat :))



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First coat of pore fill has been applied to the guitar peghead. Indian Rosewood is a very porous wood, and it will likely take twice as many coats of pore fill to even the surface as it took for the Mahogany body.



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Not inspired today on a cold, cloudy day with intermittent freezing rain.
I discovered my Pentax MZ-3 camera sitting unused...and waiting for me to shoot some more film. It made me feel a little guilty... so taking a photo of it is my own small way of trying to assuage my guilt.


Plus, I think it's a rather handsome bit of industrial photographic design.

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