Challenge! Day to Day 27


Sep 13, 2016
The battlefield of parenthood.
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I'm glad this wonderful phase of my life is far behind, lots of good memories. At the moment we're enjoying the company of our 28 year-old doctoral candidate who decided to stay four weeks with us (home office can be done everywhere). We love the long talks and stress-free atmosphere ... though I'm well occupied with shopping and cooking his favourite meals. But didn't we all love to be spoilt a little by our parents. ;)


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Aug 27, 2013
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Miguel Tejada-Flores
I normally would not do this but today I am posting two photos instead of one because....not only do they 'go together', but neither works without the other. Also, neither works without the 'story' behind them---

The first is a close view of the Salvador Dali jigsaw puzzle which I began back near the beginning of the Single-In Challenge in April, near the beginning of the seemingly endless pandemic 'lockdown'---with, finally, only 2 pieces left until completion---

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And the second is a wider view of the almost-completed-puzzle....with its tiny empty space -- and with the last 2 (remaining) pieces beneath it.

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It took longer than I thought....a lot longer.
But, then again, so do many good things.


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Mar 17, 2016
The more I looked at it the more I realized that "like" is not (good) enough. Beautiful colour tones, structures and bokeh, Pierre.
And I'm sure this lens is a lot of joy to work with.
Thank you very much! Yes, this lens is versatile and give beautyfull résults. A lot of fun to play with.

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