Challenge! Day to Day 39


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Dec 29, 2013
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Jul 9, 2020
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Jul 9, 2020
Now it's official: We've been doing this for 100 days - and we're going to continue on!

And again, YouTube connected me to a song I didn't know but find quite worthwhile:

Not what you usually would attribute to Queen, but nevertheless ...

Oh - and "39" is a slang (and texting-compatible) way of saying "thank you" in Japan ("san kyu" - literally "three nine" ...).

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Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
Shellac has a long tradition as a wood finish, glazing agent for paintings, fabric dye, coating for pills and candy, and so on. Whoever thought of scraping bug poo from branches and processing it for such uses? Think about that the next time you take something for a headache or eat a jelly bean: Shellac - Wikipedia

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Aug 27, 2013
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Miguel Tejada-Flores
In pre-Pandemic days, the small coffee shop which I went to this morning in the neighboring city of Ashland, Oregon, featured regular 'jams' as well as music performances, from local jazz and bluegrass musicians, and a whole eclectic variety of touring individual musicians and bands. Due to the effects of the ongoing social distancing mandated for survival, the jam sessions and performances have been suspended. But over next to the small makeshift stage, the shop's owner (a musician himself) has a tradition of hanging one or another of his instruments on the wall.

This morning's instrument was a banjo.

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