Challenge! Day to Day 66

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Aug 5, 2020
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Aug 5, 2020
A classic Rock'n'Roll version of a legendary song:

Here's the original (as far as I know):

And finally, something nostalgic for us German speakers (I'm not even that much into this kind of music, but there are worse songs about getting older - and fear not, I'll knock it off with the subject after this):



Scott Depot, WV, USA
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My plan has been to turn this unused room in our basement into an art/craft studio. But after ripping up the old carpet and beginning the new floor installation, I lost interest, and it has lay untouched since the early months of 2020. I guess I underestimated my aversion to yet another DIY home improvement project. Our house isn't as old as Miguel's, but since moving in 24 years ago, I've gutted and remodeled the kitchen and a bathroom, laid almost a thousand square feet of hardwood floor, tackled seemingly countless plumbing issues, and numerous other projects. I've resolved to myself that I'll finish this room during my month of self-imposed exile from building musical instruments, but I'm not excited about the prospect.



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Miguel Tejada-Flores
The local library in my small Oregon town has reopened on a limited basis - but is largely deserted.
In the children's section, there are some literary animals on display, as part of a once-scheduled 'Summer Reading Program' -- "Read with Your Friends" - which has now been cancelled.

But the animals are still there...


And, judging from their expressions, possibly they are wiser than we (bipeds) are.

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