Challenge! Day to Day 76


Nov 24, 2014
Scott Depot, WV, USA
A plethora of rocketry items from the bowels of my workshop. The motor lineup in front goes from the tiny Micro Max motors in the package on the left, through a series of black powder motors “A” through “E”, a package of “F” composite motors, a “G” composite motor, and a pair with reloadable motor casings, with an “H” reload shown next to the “H” casing. The black cylinder 4th from the left is a “D” composite motor. Composite motors have much more power packed into them than a comparable size black powder motor, and this one packs the thrust of a “D” motor into a casing the size of a “B” motor.

The contraption on the left is a self-contained launch platform for the tiny Micro Max rockets. They only go about 20 feet high. The red/white/blue rocket is my rendition of the Auk XXXI “Miss Riley” rocket described in the “Rocket Boys” novel, and shown in the final scenes of the movie “October Sky”. It is an impressive performer on a “E” size motor, but I haven’t launched it since I took it years ago to the “Rocket Boys” festival that used to be held in Coalwood, WV every October, and had it autographed by all of the Rocket Boys. The green rocket you may recall from the link I posted a couple of days ago. It is also quite an impressive performer on a “G” motor.

Finally, the box. It is completely full of rocketry supplies: motors, igniters, parachute wadding, launch system, other necessary tools. I have another box of rocketry supplies just as big. You guys think you have GAS? Pffffft!



Zen Snapshooter
Jul 13, 2011
Lexington, VA
It rained all day, but I decided to walk anyway. This old house on my road was a train station/inn during the 19th and early 20th centuries. I suspect the two ends were later editions. A nice family lives there now, and their dog often runs down to the road to meet me. I had to take this at an angle because I just ran out room to back up with the 27.
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