Challenge! Day to Day 91


Sep 13, 2016

A seminal year ...

Hard to believe it myself: I started with my first Macbook in 1990 (500 MB HD, 2+2 MB RAM), went into the internet 1991 with a 56Kb Modem, managed to do Layouts with PageMaker (Flyers and Posters) that went directly from the Macbook to the printing company, and worked with WORD-files with over 250 pages (a songbook with guitar chords). My friends still had to type in all kinds of strange commands with backslashes while I had drag-and-drop available and worked without crashes or kernel panics. Though the rest of my family works with Windows-PCs I wouldn't exchange my iMac for anything ... except perhaps a 17'' Macbook pro.


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Aug 27, 2013
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I can't help continuing Walter's (@wee-pics) sunflower theme for today. I've been trying to photograph sunflowers for years, with varying degrees of either success or more often frustration. Today, I found was fascinated by the drooping flowers - folded over - hiding their normally 'sunny' and seed-filled 'faces'. The backs of sunflowers are less in-your-face (metaphorically speaking) than their fronts...but they have some interesting shapes, nonetheless.


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