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Dec 29, 2013
Another thanks to Matt @MoonMind is in order now for moderating three challenges in a row. Having an incentive to come up with a photo each day certainly helped in me getting out to shoot. For those who continue with a daily challenge: all the best and just try to keep on shooting, no matter what. More than once I didn't feel like it at all, but still went out and invariably felt better after having done so.
Thanks, Ad, for the kind words - but just for the record, this challenge carries on ... :)



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Sep 13, 2016
Another month of shooting finished. Thanks, Matt, for this kind of relaxed challenge, I really enjoyed the variety and the very individual paths of some of the participants.

Although sometimes I didn't quite feel like "dragging myself out", I must say that on the whole I've enjoyed these photo outings. Somehow it made me see my surroundings much more consciously and mindfully while walking. And apart from holidays I've never taken so many pics a day.

Besides, it gave me some surprises, too, about what is possible with the "small package" (Lumix). And only because of having that one with me did I get the little encounters with the hare and the ducklings captured as a nice memory.
If the challenge goes on in July I'll be in. I hope to get the daily shot delivered again.

Dean Smith

Nov 3, 2016
I have enjoyed working on this challenge since it made take a closer look at my immediate surroundings. More than that, I enjoyed, and often marveled at, the the work of all of the participants in this challenge. Thank you, Matt for setting this up. While I will not participate in the "Single in July", I look forward to see the participants work.

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