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Okay, guys, just to make it completely and utterly clear: The changes I'm making are by no means meant to depreciate anything about the Day to Day Challenge - on the contrary. I'm only trying to move things into a more fluid state so that others can participate and maybe experience the same things we have.

As it is, you've all earned yourself countless medals for keeping each other company throughout the whole year (well, not quite yet, but we'll manage - we know how to, after all). Since I can't show my appreciation in any more meaningful ways, take my heartfelt thanks for keeping it going for so long.

Of course, each and every one of you is invited along to continue - with the well-earned addition of finally seeing the real achievement, even if others may forget about this over time - but the Today threads will remind us of all the days we kept up the spirit.

I certainly hope to see all of you posting to the Today threads - but if you feel you've earned yourself a rest: If anyone's entitled to take a break, you are.


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