(Deal Ended)Crazy Sale: Canon S100 $327, Nikon P7000 $157, and more [limited time]


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Pune, India
* This was found on Camera Deals via 1001 Noisy Cameras:
While checking up on the Canon S100, its price has dropped to $327 (three-two-seven) at BestBuy.com. This price is coinciding with an 8-hour Best Buy midnight sale (ends Fri 8am EST), so this increases the chances of this not being an error... As usual with crazy sales like this, don't start the victory dance until you get shipment confirmation and such... Please note we cannot stay up all night checking on this, so it may end by the time you read this in the morning...

+ Canon S100 for $327 (three-two-seven)
+ Nikon Coolpix P7000 for $157 (one-five-seven)!!!
+ Canon G12 for $338 + Canon 60D body only for $851
+ Canon 60D w/18-135 for $1080 (backordered)
+ Canon Elph 510HS (red only) for $97 (ninety-seven)
+ Canon A3300 silver for $71
+ Canon SX230HS for $192
+ Nikon Coolpix P7100 for $350
+ Olympus XZ1 black for $280
+ Panasonic GF3 w/14-42mm black for $301
+ Panasonic TS3 orange (waterproof) for $100
+ no discounts on interchangeable from: Nikon, Sony, Pentax
+ no discounts on fixed-lens from: Fuji X-series
+ use the search-box below to quickly search for cameras of interest...

source: Crazy Sale: Canon S100 $327, Nikon P7000 $157, and more [limited time] at Camera Deals


Bring Jack back!
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Houston, Texas
I ordered a Canon 310HS for the GF. I'd already received one from Amazon, but Best Buy was cheaper and also included a free case and SD card.

Then Amazon had a lightning deal this morning for the GF3 + 14/2.5 for $380. So I couldn't pass up on that, and ordered it.

I'll let the GF choose which one she wants to keep. I'm afraid she'll choose the Canon point and shoot. The Canon is purple, and the GF3 is black!!

I would keep the GF3, except that I already have the GF2 and the flash on the GF2 is nicer (I can bounce it). So the GF3 will likely end up back in Amazon.