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I suppose one benefit of this thing is also that friends and family have easier time getting me gifts. With digital I already have more than enough little trinkets that can be got for €50, €100. With film, there's delight in every gift roll.
Now I am thinking that during tomorrow's business hours I will contact Kamerastore and ask if I can cancel those films and developments I already paid for (but haven't received).

Thinking I could instead start with developing everything myself from the start. Besides there are some stores that sell cheap film in better bulk prices.

There's the problem though... because I don't plan on getting into things head first, four rolls of film (bought & paid for) with development should last me a long time anyway. Why even obsess over savings when I am not at all sure I want to continue with film after those four rolls?

It's been a long day. I've been window shopping films and there's so many different juicy products available. Some are vehemently out of stock, like Velvia 50, while some stocks are more pricey than I'd prefer (Fuji Superia Xtra 400). There's a cute Japanese film called Washi X that I already got infatuated with in January when I read a post about it in 35mmc. Now's my chance to try it, alongside all the other legendary stuff.

It's not like I want or need to shoot these Brand Name products no matter the price. These happen to have evolved into my favorites in my digital PP workflow and now I can't pass on trying the real thing for a roll or two.
Now I am thinking that during tomorrow's business hours I will contact Kamerastore and ask if I can cancel those films and developments I already paid for (but haven't received).
I canceled the lab developments. A basic C41 development isn't too costly at 7 € a roll but of course labs need to make money and they do so by charging for push processing and also scanning in TIFF is very expensive indeed.

So now I got refunded 50 € that should go into getting a Patterson tank and chemicals. And more film. Lots more. After all, I need to justify getting the development kit by exposing enough film for it to become affordable. I will probably question my sanity wrt this move but this is how it is now.

This already offers more flexibility. With these three rolls of Kentmere 400, I can develop one at 200, one at box speed and push one to 1600 if I so wish. The lab developments were all with +2 push processing.

I once read Bruce Barnbaum's book several years ago but I still vividly remember the big picture what he was teaching there. When you plan the entire life arc of your film shot from exposure to development to printing you maintain maximum control. With digital you can postpone a lot of decisions to raw development, with film you have to decide on contrast and tones largely by how you develop the film.
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Decided to dive into the deep end, once again.

Canceled €50 worth of lab development, ordered €270 worth of film and chemicals. Twenty five rolls of shooting total. When I was thinking if I can manage four rolls of film over the winter. Definitely too much considering the situations.

Once everything arrives, my inventory will be:

  • 3 rolls of Ilford Kentmere 400
  • 3 short rolls of Kodak Ultramax 400
  • 6 rolls of Kodak Gold 200
  • 10 rolls of Fomapan 200
  • 3 rolls of Washi X 100

Too much of a good thing at once? Luckily I can always freeze this stuff.
Yesterday I did a practice walk with my Nikon Df and used three different Android apps for metering light.

Each of these apps somehow bug out or don't work logically. Sometimes they'd give a good metering that would result in an even histogram (the light was even and soft) but then they started to give vastly overexposed numbers. Could be the phone bugging out, wouldn't be unheard-of.

Nikkormat FTn doesn't have a hot/cold shoe so getting one of those cheap and tiny meters is out of the question. Too fiddly. I will practice with the apps more.

Would love to have the Reveni Labs Spot meter. A rather good meter that doesn't weigh anything. But a very expensive thing to buy.
It was good to stumble upon this table.

It reveals that there indeed are more modern Nikons that support pre-Ai lenses: F3, F4, F6.

I am not looking at (the more) expensive bodies right now. If anything, I just might want to pair my FTn with a cheapest possible AF/Matrix metering capable Nikon (prices starting at 25 €, seal-checked) so that I could shoot a selection of my AF lenses with more casualness -- also to be able to offer my friends an easy camera to shoot a roll. Maybe will do it.