GAS Dear Giary!

ISO 1600, zone/hyperfocal focus at f/16 at 1.5-2 m on a 28mm fl produces very good results. I strolled literally two short strips of street for 3 hours to get these ten frames. Feels good to scratch that old street photography itch after a while.

It seems to work better with film too does hyperfocal focusing.
Being a lower-resolution medium, film forgives a lot. Also I don't need to worry about clipping highlights at all. Maybe the shots would have turned different if the sun shone but this stroll was favorable to static light conditions. I set the camera (F70) to matrix-meter with +1 stop EC.

Frame #4 was focused automatically as the subjects kindly stopped. The frame #10 was zone focused with shallower DoF (maybe f/5.6) as I noticed the scene, walked by, stepped aside to adjust my settings and then run&gunned. Didn't plan on getting that much reflection in the shot, would have rather caught the faces of both but this is part of the game.
By carefully listening and feeling while rewinding it's quite obvious that the film just didn't take so no film was wasted, no frames exposed. Terrible shame but there wasn't anything of importance on that roll anyway.
I've certainly been there. Every new (old) film camera has its own tricks to ensure the film advances. I shot a roll (or so I thought) one time early on in my film shooting in a spooky abandoned graveyard, only to discover the film hadn't advanced... so I went back and recreated my shots, and they turned out okay.
I've certainly been there. Every new (old) film camera has its own tricks to ensure the film advances. I shot a roll (or so I thought) one time early on in my film shooting in a spooky abandoned graveyard, only to discover the film hadn't advanced... so I went back and recreated my shots, and they turned out okay.
My haphazard loading technique has so far only resulted in this one "loss" of a roll plus one pair of slightly overlapping frames on another.

When I loaded the expensive vintage Superia 100, somehow this I managed to do right. Keep the roll tight by holding the left hand side film lever while making sure the take up spool on the right takes the first frame.

Making myself a note to be more careful and follow the mechanism more in the future. I have a good long future ahead with the Nikkormats. The return periods are well over, they're mine for good.

The f70 is a tough cookie. It's kinda boring to use but the results are phenomenal. Like what can I expect from any other Matrix-metering Nikon body? They're all more expensive than this neglected cam, they all have autowinders and are boring and don't have the best MF screens, and they all deliver great results. I kinda have no choice but to keep it because I do want a cool and cheap body that speaks fluent Nikkor AF. I'm particularly delighted that the very, very cheap Sigma 70~300 works swimmingly on the F70 and has delivered me very great shots. Got the lens because I wanted some reach for my Df but didn't particularly care for the usability or optics. But am I glad now that I kept the lens. It's so great to bring a film camera to an established Nikon F system that I have collected in a short while.
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So, here we are. November again. Sales after sales. The Singles day flew by, and tomorrow my dear dealer starts Green Week. Some black friday sales already in effect.

Luckily I have planned myself a tremendously expensive experience for January so there's so very little desire to burn money for some gear.

But, there's a catch around the corner. Last week some consultancy that I was in talks with in the spring, came to me to give a heads up that they might have a client that needs my kind of experience. I don't think my chances are that good but this kind of an opportunity kind of sounds like a good chance of me getting work.

I am pretty happy with reducing my impulse buying and whatnot. But eventually a job finds itself in my idle hands and then it might be a whirlwind expense spree once again.
Let's browse for the hell of it.

  • Nikkor 28/1.4 AF. 1260 €. The most interesting thing on my radar. Needs bunny ears.
  • Zeiss 35/2 ZF.2. 380 €. Needs bunny ears but has the holes already drilled.
  • Voigtländer 20/3.5 SLII AIS. 380 €. I'm not sure what this lens is about but it's compact and it's a Voigtländer. Expensive for my needs and use.
Of course, why would I need substandard 35mm and 20mm lenses for my Nikon F when I already own major tier lenses for Leica M?

  • A restored M3, 2159 €
  • A restored M4-2 1799 €

When I started to browse camera gear more regularly, M3 cameras used to go for 1000-1500 €.

I know it's probably better to shop Leicas at their own vintage store. M3
At this point I have to let the cat out of the bag:

I booked myself a long trip to Japan after an impulse. This happened a couple Saturdays ago. It will take place in early January and lasts until February. Sugoi!

Just like clockwork, a reverse application of the Murphy's law, after I made the bookings I was contacted by two consultancies the early next week. One didn't stick and one offer is very promising (they passed my profile to a client who needs precisely what my core experience is) and I have to heard from them. If the client accepts, I bagged myself a lucrative job but it means my travel will have to postpone. If the client rejects, Japan is go.

And sure enough, with a gear cabinet that is literally brimming by this point with gear, I am dearly thinking of reacquiring the killer holiday camera, the best thing there ever was. Leica Q. Pair Q with a M4/3 camera that handles telezoom and I just might have myself a two-body kit that does it all without need for changing lenses. If I pair Q with Panasonic G80, they even share batteries.

I visited my friend who owns a Leica Q2. I ever so subtly approached the notion of the Q series being the best vacation camera there is, and he could sense what's coming next from me, got uneasy and all. I dropped that inquiry. Fully understand him. One simply doesn't loan his Leica cameras to anyone.

The asking prices of Q have been increasing. A store dares to ask 2950 € for a Q that has sensor dust on it! There's one for private sale at 2200€. I am afraid to contact the seller. Might do very unwise decisions.

January in Japan might also call for some weather sealing. Q2 would be a better bet in this regard. Or my Olympus Em1.2 that doesn't fail in many aspects. Hoping that I get the gig so that allowed to get relieved from this sudden gas that simply seems ridiculous at this point.


Film in Japan? Great idea. But I would dearly want to get the film developed there so that the TSA scanners don't ruin it all. Might ask about this around.
Wow. A multi-thousand-euro camera with fixed lens and dust on the sensor. So that happens. Wow. Yikes.
C'mon. That's much like complaining how a Ferrari can get a scratch on the windshield.


I want to think I'd go light into this. It's a long time, what will my back say after a month of carrying gear day in, day out? Dual Panasonic GX80 is a killer setup.

At the same time, it's a month and it means I can rotate my gear a bit. And one gets to travel Japan for the first time only once. Nihon-chan deserves the best. Leica M and the good stuff. The only hitch is that my M needs a little adjustment and my copy of the 50 Lux is not as good as it could be.

But it's also January so it's going to be dark and there's bound to be some bad weather days. This would draw me towards say Olympus E-M1.2. The processing on the Oly would be ideal for capturing those city lights. I could score me a weather sealed lens, 20mm f/1.4 Pro being an interesting choice.

But I also did happen to see a Pentax 16-50 f/2.8 AL go for a very little (SDM malfunction) and it would combine with the KP very well. The trouble is that I don't trust KP too much in the focus department.
Whew. Gassing for Q116 so badly now. But I know it makes little sense. It makes my already huge expenses even huger. And I am still unemployed.

Speaking of which, there's an increasing change that I will get gainfully employed before I get to travel and I have to postpone Japan. I don't want to jinx things one way or another (either way I am going to have a nice time in January) but things are in motion right now. I asked for word today. Apparently I should hear news, soon.


Back to GAS.

Q116 is perfect and it's also irrelevant. It made the best possible pictures in 2018 when I drove around California and Nevada. It's a breathtaking piece of camera gear.

But there's so much breathtaking gear in my cabinet. And whole new worlds to be captured with something novel. Yesterday for example I browsed some very cool fisheye shots of urban environments and I thought to myself, I need to haul my Pentax 10-17 fisheye to Tokyo, absolutely. Or maybe reacquire the Laowa 7.5mm f/2 for M43. That was my kit in 2018. Leica Q, Laowa 7.5/2 and Panasonic 35-100 f/4-5.6 accompanied by Olympus Pen-F.

My deepest wish is that there was a 7-14 mm fisheye zoom for M43. Currently I think it is Pentax alone that produced a fisheye zoom for full frame and Pentax and Tokina produces(d) the 10-17 fisheye zoom for APSC.

I am kind of thinking that I should sell my Pentax 10-17 and buy the Tokina 10-17 for Nikon DX. It would be more versatile this way.
The Q116 has been on my mind lately. I have in my mind pitted the Q against the Oly 20/1.4 Pro (with E-M1.2):

I've been strongly thinking about getting the Olympus 20mm f/1.4 Pro. With the EM1.2 I'd have a safe kit for weathery days (and nights!) and capture gorgeous urban landscapes. And not have to worry about slush and water too much.

The fun thing is that the 20mm f/1.4 is like 500 € and Leica Q116 instead could potentially be as an investment a gain instead of a loss (I've been monitoring the prices: gradual increments over these past 24 months). But when the push comes to shove, it's dark 7pm Tokyo alley and it's raining nasty mixture of water and ice, would I risk taking the Q out of my Billingham? These shots can become the most priceless.

After this fight, I pitted the EM1.2+20/1.4 against what I already own, The Panasonic GX80 + 20/1.7:

At the same time, my GX80 and Panasonic 20mm 1.7 together costs less than the 20/1.4. Not that well protected from the elements, also not a hugest loss if something should happen. And this fits in my jacket pocket, means it's way more readily accessible from there, being reasonably well protected from the elements.

Maybe right this instant I am leaning on 2xGX80 setup for my trip. No gear purchases.
This week has been the loooooooongest. I just keep waiting for any news from the consultancy.

Good news or bad, it will be a bittersweet result.(*) If I do get the job, January in Japan will have to be postponed or canceled even. But I can cry about it with money.


And... if I don't get the job, hooray, I can travel and be free to do whatever I want... with a slight increase in worry about my financial future.

Maybe right this instant I am leaning on 2xGX80 setup for my trip. No gear purchases.
I'm browsing my GX80 shots during the years. Cool stuff and the camera definitely has the IQ that rubs me the right way. Over the years my copy of the 35-100 has maybe suffered some wear and its collapsible pipe may be just a tad wonky now, resulting in slight decentered quality.

Considering the OM1. When I strictly stick my rational foot in the emotional door there's not at all anything that the OM1 offers me over the E-M1.2. The big beautiful EVF is the main thing. The EM-1.2 focuses, stabilizes, handles just fine. The files even have better DR across the ISO range. Especially considering that it's some 900-1200 € cheaper, there's no reason to upgrade just to get that beautiful EVF.
Invest in lenses, was how the saying went? But speaking of lenses, the one on Leica Q would obliterate anything I could mount on the EM1.2!

I desperately need the news right away. If I do get the job, I don't need a travel camera since I'm not going to travel anywhere. If I don't get the gig, then I don't have much loose money to spare on extremely foolish gear ventures.

(*) If on the other hand, there should be a possibility (I'd say 2-5% tops) that both events can happen side-by-side as I have currently planned and booked, then gear-wise all hell will break loose...
Cette semaine a été la plus longue. J'attends juste des nouvelles du cabinet.

Bonne ou mauvaise nouvelle, ce sera un résultat doux-amer. (*) Si j'obtiens le poste, janvier au Japon devra être reporté, voire annulé. Mais je peux en pleurer avec de l'argent.

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Et... si je n'obtiens pas le poste, hourra, je peux voyager et être libre de faire ce que je veux... avec une légère augmentation des inquiétudes concernant mon avenir financier.

Je parcours mes clichés du GX80 au fil des années. Des trucs sympas et l'appareil photo a définitivement le QI qui me frotte dans le bon sens. Au fil des années, mon exemplaire du 35-100 a peut-être subi une certaine usure et son tube pliable est peut-être un peu bancal maintenant, ce qui entraîne une légère décentration de la qualité.

Considérant l'OM1. Quand je mets strictement mon pied rationnel dans la porte émotionnelle, il n'y a rien du tout que l'OM1 m'offre par rapport à l'E-M1.2. Le grand et beau EVF est l'essentiel. L'EM-1.2 se concentre, se stabilise et se gère très bien. Les fichiers ont même un meilleur DR sur toute la plage ISO. D'autant plus qu'il coûte entre 900 et 1 200 € moins cher, il n'y a aucune raison de mettre à niveau juste pour obtenir ce magnifique EVF.
Investir dans des objectifs, c'est comme ça que l'on dit ? Mais en parlant d'objectifs, celui du Leica Q effacerait tout ce que je pourrais monter sur l'EM1.2 !

J'ai désespérément besoin de nouvelles tout de suite. Si j'obtiens le poste, je n'ai pas besoin d'un appareil photo de voyage puisque je ne voyagerai nulle part. Si je n'obtiens pas le poste, alors je n'ai pas beaucoup d'argent à dépenser pour des projets d'équipement extrêmement stupides.

(*) Si d'un autre côté, il devait y avoir une possibilité (je dirais 2 à 5 % maximum) que les deux événements puissent se dérouler côte à côte comme je l'ai actuellement planifié et réservé, alors en termes d'équipement, tout l'enfer le fera se dégager...
Coucou Mike 🌹 Je te souhaite tous mes vœux de réussite, quand une porte se ferme une autre s'ouvre. Rien n'est le fruit du hasard. L'argent ce n'est pas cela qui rend heureux. C'est de trouver une voie qui te plaise et qui t'enrichisse intérieurement. Rester soi-même être en accord avec son corps son âme et son esprit, vivre l'instant présent comme si c'était le dernier ne rien regretter, toujours garder de l'espoir, ne plus perdre de temps. La vie passe tellement vite.

Je te souhaite vraiment que tes projets aboutissent restent positif
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, le positif attire le positif.

Je t'envoie pleins de bonnes énergies. Gros bisous de France 🇨🇵🥰🍀🌞🌈👌🙏🏻
Avec très grand plaisir Mike, c'est déjà une bonne chose pour l'argent. Le principal c'est que tu fais les bons choix pour te faire plaisir. Au cas où ton emploi au Japon n'aboutira pas tu seras rembondir. Au fond de toi tu as déjà tout prévu, lâche prise et tout te sera servi sur un plateau tu verras 🤗👌
Bonne chance et tiens nous au courant pour ton job ou projet Big kisssss 😘🍀🩷🙏🏻
This is a main thing that is giving me pause about taking solely M43 to my trip...

The disclike flare around specular highlights gets old quickly. But what options do I have :)

2022-02-25 (Fri) 21-49-26.jpeg
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Tes photos parlent pour toi, elles sont remplies de lumière ✨ et d'horizon. Pose toi les bonnes questions et les réponses t'arriveront Mike. Tu n'as rien à perdre tout à gagner.

Tu es un poète et un grand rêveur. Vis ta vie comme tes rêves 🍀🩷🌹🌈