Ricoh Dear Pentax, for Xmas I would like...


Oct 5, 2012 A12 35mm/2.0 camera unit, please.

Better yet, if you're still working on a K-02 camera, please scrap that project. Just take the insides and put it in an A16 KAF module for the GXR instead.

I think a KAF module for the GXR based on the K-01 makes more sense than continuing the K-0x line, now that Ricoh will be exiting CSCs and DSLRs to the Pentax brand.
Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
psssst.....adrdess your wishes to Santa for Xmas....Pentax doesn't really listen.

If they make a K mount there will be a market. They could also make an updated IQ compact zoom. Something with that little Sony 1" sensor would be awesome.

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