December Doodads - Day One

Nov 11, 2011
Milwaukee, WI USA
TheRubySusan has suggested and others have more or less agreed that a PAD project for December shall be called December Doodads. Take a photo a day (when time pressure) and share it in the appropriate days thread. Her description in this thread suggests that the doodads are close-ups. If we stick with alliterations and the letter "D", the old adage suggests "the devil is in the details". So get close to some December-y subjects and show us what you (or your camera) saw. It's still November here, but I'll get a shot tomorrow for sure. Feel free to kick off our new month of photos and join in when you have time.


Feb 3, 2012
Bremer Valley, Australia
Love this shot Jules. The color is brilliant, too. I was going to say it's either Canon or Fuji, but I see instead it's the NX100. Did you do much with it in post?
Thanks! I did apply a LR preset of mine to pull the blacks up a little, but the original shot already had a bit of a muted feel to it which I quite liked. I find that the NX100 sensor can often render this type of look SOOC, which I find quite pleasing.

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