Leica Detailed review of the Leica M Monochrom

It is intuitively obvious to the most casual of observers that a Monochrome camera will produce better monochrome images than a color camera...

You cannot believe the arguments that I've had over this during the last 10 years.

Now- take a Foveon sensor.

Make the cover over the first layer completely clear.

The second layer should have a 4x neutral density filter over it.

The third layer should have a 16x neutral density filter over it.

use 14Bit ADC's for each layer. and add the layers.

Leave the IR absorbing glass of of mine.


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Mark, I feel you're in danger of taking a second mortgage on your home or whatever.
It is not only you and I that share in that fear Pavel. My better half has seen the browser tabs.....as well as the price. I'm not quite sure why she gets so worried.....nor why she sees anything wrong with living the life of a gypsy? We'd make perfect Romany....I'd document our travels from the back of a wagon pulled by her horses.

What more could anyone want? :wink:


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I'd document our travels from the back of a wagon pulled by her horses. What more could anyone want? :wink:

How kind of you to let her have the horses :D They better be damn fine horses and that wagon, well it better have a bathroom. Just saying, horses AND a bathroom. Women need bathrooms.

Thirty Leica Lenses. How does that happen.

Sir I can not even fathom that. It's good though that you've been motivated enough to clean it out.

You're right Brian, it shouldn't. That's absolutely awful!!!!
.....best make that box coming to Oz a big one then.

I'm in the US.. less shipping.. LOL
Well- Nikon put me over the top for the M9 Monochrome. Just placed the order for it. It will be a months before it arrives. I've wanted to see Monochrome Digital Cameras make a comeback, especially with the improvements in dynamic range that were not available in commercial equipment.

Glad I saved all of the color filters.

The 1934 uncoated Sonnar will be the first lens on the new camera.
No- I ended up keeping the F2. I put one of my Nikon SP's up. I had three of them, kept one Shintaro Black painted and a very late one marked in "Meters".

It's scary how much stuff you accumulate over 40 years of collecting.


mmhh Brian, a brave decision.......

For me b&w is film, is grain, it's the style of photography of the roaring 70s, it's the imperfection, it's like looking at the brush-stripes on an oil painting.....

The diversity of filmmaterial is like hearing different voices with different timbres, for me a Monochrom is always the same tone --- boring after a half year of use (for me....)

But from a collectors point of view it will be a good investment in the long run....... :)

PS: Brian, do you have a moderate fast (f2-f2.8) 35mm lens? Could be a dreamy Russian copy....
I have a Leica mount 1952 Jupiter-12 with German optics in it. The rear module even has a Zeiss serial number stamped into it. I gave it a good cleaning, and shimmed it for Leica. The uncoated Sonnars should be amazing on the M9m.

Mounts on the M8 and M9.

Digital cameras are not good investments for collectors. I have some interesting cameras, like the very first commercially available Infrared Digital camera. I called Kodak to make it. Advantage of being in the "Optical Sciences Division" and having built custom digital cameras for 10 years already, by 1992. Also have a Nikon E3, full-frame digital from 1997. Together, these two cameras were over $20,000 when new. They are worth a few hundred at most on the market, but have a lot of sentimental value to me.

Most of the M9 was paid for by selling lenses, and some film cameras. cleared out a Box in the closet, and some drawer space.

So for me- a Monochrome M9 is a return to the digital camera that I used 20 years ago.

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