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Nikon Df Autofocus Question

I got a used Gariz half case for my Df and really like it. Worth the $50 I paid, but could not see myself spending the $140 they wanted for a new one.

Before I found that deal, I was just going to get one of those cheaper grip type add ons.
Honestly, unless you want the battery grip for the handling, I'd go dedicated grip or Gariz. My Df batteries last forever and a day. I get insanely long usage times, like 1400 shots or more from it.

I love the Df this way, as I can just leave the camera on all day and not care at all about the battery. It just lasts and lasts.

I got the Gariz not because I wanted better handling, but because when I have the camera on my Black Rapid strap, I noticed that the one corner of the camera is always rubbing against my hip and it had started to "brass" the bottom plate.
That sounds good and really a little brasing ads character. I will never sell another Nikon again. When it get's here I will know.
I had a discussion here recently with a friend of mine. She is firmly in the Nikon DSLR camp. She loves them and has no interest in mirrorless cameras at this time.

She asked me point blank that if I could only keep one camera out of all the ones I had, what would that be. I picked the Df.

While it is not master of any one thing...it is a jack of all trades and good enough that I could get by with just it.

It has the most versatility from older lenses to newer lenses. It has power to spare, great IQ. I would miss the speed and AF of the D500. I'd miss the video chops and ease of use of the Z6....but I could, if I had to, live without them.

That is saying something for the Df. I feel it would have been a much more popular option if the external control scheme was not so polarizing. Luckily for me, though...I love the "retro" or "legacy" controls of the camera and find them more of an asset than a hinderance for me.

Sorry I'm gushing so much over the Df...but it's not often anymore that you find someone else that (1) shows interest in the camera and (2) i feel you are going to love it more than you realize now. Start using it often and it will be a reliable, constant companion.

I even find the size small compared to other full frame DSLRs.
Yes I am in love with the layout of the camera. I charged up the battery and mounted up my 24 AIS , viewfinder is great, controls are beautiful in their silver looking back at me, very tactile and exact. I just ordered the screen protector so I will be out shooting Saturday and give a full report. I feel very happy with my purchase. Thanks for everyone's help
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