Did I get carried away with this?

I haven't taken a Panorama for quite a while but as I have been shooting quite long lenses compared to normal - well I got a bit carried away...

This is a 10 shot panorama taken with an Olympus E-P1 and Voigtlander 25mm f/0.95 stopped down to get a good depth of field. This reduced image is from a 70 mp original (yes, that's right 20,104 x 3,513 after joining and cropping) with a file size of 202 MB. I didn't measure it but it is almost a 270 degrees sweep of Botany Bay.

I have reduced it a bit for the Internet (but you will still need to scroll)...


Sunset at Bare Island, La Perouse by peterb666, on Flickr

P.S. Looks like the system shurnk it so I have replaced the link. Click to view larger (up to 2400 wide),


Peter,this is spectacular and youve put in a lot of work to get this .Not sure if you would like an opinion on the printing.Am definatley not saying that youve made a bad print,its beautiful but I would have handled it a little differently,.......not better;..just a change of emphasis.Not sure of the etiquette here but if youd like Ill explain what I mean.

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