Film Did you know the new polaroid can be peeled apart? I didn't


Jul 24, 2017
I learnt something new today, quite exciting actually, and then I tried it this evening. I am sure many people know about this, but the new Polaroid film (or the old impossible) can also be peeled apart, not quite like real peel apart film, but it will peel apart to a positive emulsion layer, and a back, on the back is a white titanium dioxide layer, which can be washed away with warm water to produce the negative!

The negative is not clear like film, neither can the back be bleached away like FP100c. But it is sill a sharp negative. I then scanned it, and here is the result. Since I just tried this for the first time and was so impatient, I dried it with a paper towel and left marks on it. View attachment 184316. Exciting!

The third image is a scan taken from the original polaroid as it was shot. As you can see, a huge difference in quality between the scan from the negative, and one done from the polaroid positive! No edits were done these. This is thrilling and the $30 a pack has now been redeemed in my eyes :D.

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