Digging the Pentax Q


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Jul 3, 2010
I'm wondering how Pentax can afford to develop four separate systems. There are still lenses to make for the three current systems without even bringing out a fourth!


I agree it is a really fun idea. Would I be interested in getting one? No likely not, but that doesn't make it any less interesting. Thumbs up to Pentax for making such a bold move.


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Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
Hmmmm, this camera with the prime.... Well, it's easily pocketable.
Not that that would mean anything...right.
I will definately look at this, maybe not get it but look at it.


Jan 31, 2011
Newcastle, Australia
Its going to be available to play with at PMA Sydney this weekend. I must confess I find it difficult to get enthusiastic about something which is essentially a P&S with interchangeable lenses, and I don't think its really aimed at the western market. However, if I get the opportunity, I'll take a good look tomorrow.

Sizewise, its a midget. Too small for me, I think.

Also, where are the pix? Even the pentaximaging site doesn't have any that I can find. I'm going to see if I can shove a card in and take some with it. Chances will be slim to none, of that, I would say.

Rumour has it that there will be another mirrorless with a larger sensor released later this year. One can hope.


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Jul 12, 2010
Philly, Pa
Woah...that is small. Ya know the 110 SLR was a great little system. This looks like the child of that. If the IQ is up to par... I'd be very interested.
I could even sneak this one in the house easily.
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Jan 11, 2011
Houston, Texas
The Q is very intriguing. I'd like to make a blanket statement that I have no interest on this camera whatsoever. But then, that's what I said about the X100!!
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Jul 8, 2010
If it was cheaper I'd snap it up. For fun.

BTW I had a 110 camera in high school and college. I was not into photography back then and did not know that it was such a unique (and lowly) format.

Rafael Lopes

May 17, 2011
I think this camera looks like a lot of fun...if it didn't have the ridiculous price tag it has (specially if you think that the GF3 with the 14mm and the NEX-C3 with the pancake are not that bigger).


Jul 24, 2010
If it is as good as the Ricoh GRD III, it might be nice to have it in one pocket with the f1.9 50mm equiv. prime. And maybe the GRD III in the other pocket with its excellent f1.9 28mm equiv lens?:p


Sep 19, 2010
Flawed concept

View attachment 1525
I do have a weakness for small (cute) gadgets.
View attachment 1527

That's why I've been an Olympus fan since my teen age years ... and am looking to get into M4/3 soon.
The design looks good to me, could have been a nice M43 body, but why lavish such effort onto a concept that is flawed at its very core by the inferior sensor? It is sort of like the SD1 fiasco, but unlike Sigma, at least they haven't alienated any of their loyal DSLR customers - just puzzled them (and the rest of the industry) as to what the Pentax marketing department drinks at their meetings:confused:
But as you say, Amin, maybe if the production run is designed to break even based on the local Japanese market, then maybe it can survive for a while.


Apr 6, 2011
"I find myself warming to the concept" is what I'm now feeling too. My first feelings pretty much dismissed it and felt Pentax made a mistake. Tiny sensor, pricey and not that much of a size advantage over my Pen.

But now I'm beginning to see the appeal and a potential market. It might be a fun choice for someone who would like to practice their photography as a step beyond a P&S but does not need to make large high quality pictures. I think they way most photographs are used these days - they stay in electronic form for use in email, websites, etc. - that the small sensor would be fine. Also seeing the latest pictures of it in comparison to a hand, I see it is an appealing cute little thing that really looks like it would be fun to use. Cameras that are fun to use are the ones that see a lot of use.

I think also those already practicing serious photography and have the means, the Q would be a fun break over the more serious stuff. Again fun = use.

Whether or not it is a marketing success for Pentax, I applaud them for their independent thinking and willingness to take a risk. I hope the Q is a big hit.
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