Darkroom Challenge Digital Darkroom Derby #135 - Closed - Results posted


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Larry Griffiths
This is Digital Darkroom Derby #135, a digital image editing/processing challenge.

Please read the rules here. - Short version: The host provides the challenge image / images and selects the winner, who then becomes the next host.

A couple of weeks ago, I was wandering around Wynnum with members of my local Camera Club on a Coffee & Camera walkabout. While crossing the Wynnum Creek, we spotted a number of bats resting on a tree in the early morning sunlight. Fortunately I had my 100-400mm lens with me and so I fired off a number of shots, of which the one below is one of the better ones. It was fairly early in the morning on a sunny day and so the bats were illuminated by direct sunlight. It was only afterwards that I noticed that I had left the aperture set to f/8 and so the depth of field was quite a bit more than I really wanted. This led to a sharp and very busy background. The only reason I kept the image was to play around a bit in post production and see if I could "resurrect" it into something acceptable (to me).

Let's see what you can make of it.

Join to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

The ORF (raw) and JPEG files are here: DDD #135.

The challenge will close at 05:00pm (17h00) AEST (07h00 GMT) on Saturday 22 July 2023.
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To those who entered this derby, thank you. Only three entries, which is a bit disappointing. I'll have to find a better challenge if I ever win again.

This is how I viewed the entries:

  • Second runner up: @Stiga : Those two eyes had me looking for a large cat hidden away somewhere in the branches. ;) Or were you taking pot shots at the bats?

  • First runner up: @Herbert Hound : Your entry showed how the bat may have looked at night. I liked the crop. But...... Bats do sleep upside down.

  • Winner: @RobD : Your masking and editing expertise far far outstrip mine. I just didn't have any luck removing that bat behind the main subject. But you managed it without making the image look too artificial. - Well done!
So it's over to you now Rob. Have fun.
Larry thanks for the win but I want to hand it back to you (only 3 entries is not fair).
Please start a new challenge, I'm a bit busy the next few days and I have recently won a few of these anyway. Thanks Rob.
I'm with @RobD on this one, Larry. I'm in and out of hospital at the moment (after just having had my prostate removed) so I'm dipping in and out of the forum and don't want the "responsibility" of running a challenge just yet. Hence the right-way-up bat... I was trying to get it to look more like Dracula than trying to win!:)