Darkroom Challenge Digital Darkroom Derby #136 - Closed - Results posted


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Lota, Brisbane, QLD, Australia
Larry Griffiths
Start : 23 July 2023
End : 26 July 2023

This is Digital Darkroom Derby #136, a digital image editing/processing challenge.

Please read the rules here. -> Short version: The host provides the challenge image / images and selects the winner, who then becomes the next host.

Back in late July 2016 I was touring Wales. I stopped off in Aberystwyth and wandered around. Considering it was mid-summer, it was a dark, dingy and thoroughly miserable day. The swimming lifesavers flags were out on the beach, but nobody seemed game to tackle the water. I walked up to the castle and took this photo looking southwards along the beach..........

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The ORF (raw) and JPEG files are here: DDD #136.

The challenge will close at 05:00pm (17h00) AEST (07h00 GMT) on Wednesday 26 July 2023.
Thanks to all who entered. Once again we have a small number of entries. But, though we may be a bit short in quantity, we are not short in quality.

The original photo was dark and dingy, which was much like the day. I was looking for something which could brighten up the image, while still leaving the impression that it wasn't a particularly pleasant day.

Here's how I saw the entries:

  • Second runner up: @RobD . That was very close to how I remembered the day being. I just felt that you could have added a bit of contrast to give the image a bit more "punch".

  • First runner up: @Stiga #2. I really liked what you did to the clouds. They really stand out beautifully. But the greens appeared to be a bit watered down and could have done with a bit of additional saturation.

  • Winner: @kae1 #1. I preferred the crop on your #2, but cloning out the flags lost a bit of the impression of the wind blowing. So #1 had it. The colours were great too.
Over to you Ken. Have fun.

PS: Here is my attempt:

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