Challenge! Digital Darkroom Derby #17

Mrs B

Sorry to all, have been working these days in order to clear the damage done by Eunice. House is OK, but the garden in a giant mess: downed trees, everywhere dead branches, fence destroyed by fallen trees. Hard at work with a professional team in order to make it again a garden. Lost about 15 adult spruces of 50-60 years old And several bushes. Roof tiles broken on the wood pile. And naturally the necessary discussions with the insurance.

Oh, seems I have to decide on a winner: after a short review (I try to be honest)
winner: @betamax with the B/w rendition
runner up: @Mrs B

And txs to @RichardC for drawing my attention.
Thank you for the perfect result ;-) Hope the storms run out of steam soon and that the damage is not as bad as it looks