Darkroom Challenge Digital Darkroom Derby #206 - Winner announced


West Yorkshire
Start Date
Jun 11, 2024
End Date
Jun 14, 2024
This is Digital Darkroom Derby #206, a digital image editing/processing challenge.

These challenges are open to everyone. If you have any interest in practicing or improving your image editing and post-processing skills, please feel free to join in!

Please read the rules here. Short version: Host provides the challenge image and selects the winner, who then becomes the next host.

As 99.9% of my recent images are of motorsport (and knowing how much you like them ;)) here's the 0.1% I took at this weekend's hillclimb.

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RAW and JPEG files are here.

Derby closes at 08:00 UTC on Friday 14th June.
Entry #1:

What a nice, pretty view. Looking at the buildings dotted around the place, I would say that the farmers must be fairly prosperous.

Like @RobD , I didn't really didn't know what to do with this image and so I just started with my usual procedure:

Raw (ARW) file -> DxO PureRAW 4 (Lens correction and noise reduction) -> DNG file -> Capture One Pro (Get verticals "Vertical", warm up White Balance, Fiddle around with Exposure, Contrast, Highlight & Shadow recovery, added in some Clarity using the "Punch" method, crop to 16:9 Aspect Ratio.) -> JPEG file.

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Interesting challenge! When in doubt, go warmer (and I had plenty of doubt). All editing from RAW in DxO PL7. I straightened the image as best I could. I cropped vertically to have four horizontal bands of roughly equal weight (delineated by the hedge rows and the hilltop), with shade on the top and sunshine on the bottom. I cropped the edges to maximize the density of sheep and the farmhouses and out-buildings. The final aspect ratio was 16:10.
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The view was taken from the top of Harewood Hillclimb in Yorkshire looking across the valley with the River Wharfe hidden behind trees. Sunny but cloudy gave the opportunity for some nice light in the fields opposite giving you a choice of sheep, buttercups, ploughed fields or all three!

You've all produced some great images with different levels of saturation, contrast, and crops so well done to you all.


I quite liked the ploughed field to be included, as it provided an extra range of colour, and consequently my preference for the top three are :-

Winner - @Pebal - Love the saturation, the contrast and the clarity - this is the image I had in my mind but haven't managed to create!
Runner up - @griffljg #1 - Love the colours, contrast and the clarity with a bit of ploughing too
Second runner up - @Zeus1 #2 - A soft spot for B&W with a nice crop

Congratulations @Pebal (y) and over to you for the next Derby.

(P.S. Hopefully @Pebal you'll be able to "host" the next challenge, although I notice that on two previous occasions you've passed-on previous "wins". If you're not able to post an image to be used would you mind saying "not competing" with your submission so you're not selected to run the next challenge i.e like @Peano does ?)

For completion my attempts
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Larry, I was going to wait another day (i.e. 4 days within the rules), and if no update then the privilege will pass to you - unless you want to go for it now. Ken

Let's leave it another day. Then, if @Pebal hasn't replied, please pass it on to Hendrik (@Zeus1 ) in the hope that he has something better than I have to act as a suitable challenge.